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New motivations

February 27, 2012

I had pretty much been thinking that German was going to get worked on pretty much solely as a language for reading for the time being, but then my little brother got engaged and decided his wedding is most likely going to be in Germany. There’s over a year to go, I believe, but presuming we’ll be able to go, both DH and I would want to get our spoken German as good as we can, for use while travelling and with local wedding guests. (From what DH has said, his is probably better than mine, although neither of us has used it regularly in several years.)

Somehow, reviving what feels right now in my nervousness like a fairly pitiful level of spoken German (although I don’t think I’m that bad at reading) is far more scary than starting from scratch with Russian, probably because I feel I should be better at German. I just have to prevent that from holding me back…


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