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Listening hard

February 28, 2012
Deutsche Welle

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I saw a recommendation today of Deutsche Welle (“Germany’s International Broadcaster”) and in particular their Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten (News read slowly). While I don’t really need the slow version, I do like having a transcript of the broadcast while listening (and you can choose which version to listen to from the same page). If I’m feeling enthusiastic, this lets me look up the words I don’t know before, during or after, and even if not, it simply gives my eyes something relevant to be doing while listening. (I’m one of those kinetic learners who does a whole lot better using my hands while listening, or if not, using at least two senses at a time.)

I hadn’t come across Deutsche Welle before, but a quick look around suggests there’s plenty more for the German-learner there as well, which I shall have to investigate. It appears to me to be somewhat equivalent to the BBC World Service, offering news and information on Germany and German perspectives to people around the world in up to 30 languages.


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